The activities run by Farnese feature utmost ethical propriety and respect for human rights, universal civil liberties and fundamental human rights, even beyond the customs and policies followed at the local level. The “Conflict diamonds” or “Blood diamonds” are the unpolished precious stones used by the rebels in some countries of the world to finance their wars against legitimate governments. Farnese prevents these diamonds from becoming part of its products, by exclusively buying stones from qualified suppliers in countries that adhere to the Kimberley Process, a joint initiative between governments, industries and civil society aimed at stopping the flow of bloody diamonds by means of an international certification system.


We are committed to conducting our business at the highest ethical standards, ensuring integrity, clarity and compliance with current laws. We disclouses detailed characteristics of the products we sell.
We are committed to taking appropriate measures to ensure the integrity and safety of shipments of products.
We are committed to the principles of confidentiality and protection of confidential data.


We are committed to conducting our business responsibly for the environment. Farnese Gioielli handles the environmental impact of the business by eliminating or minimizing the negative effects on the environment, ensuring the environmental efficiency of our business. We are committed to adopting processes that shall enhance biodiversity and reduce negative consequences for biodiversity.


We intend to assess our risks, including risks related to our activity resulting from our business partners, by developing systems than can best run and improve ethical standards and procedures respecting human rights, social and environmental principles.