Barbara Polli was born in Rome, in 1982.

Eclecticism, dynamism and creativity. Here are the words that best describe the art of Barbara Polli, designer of Farnese Gioielli. Starting from a synergistic reflection on the diversity and potential of shapes, geometries and movements, Barbara Polli brings in her creations the suggestions that come from the classic aesthetic codes of jewelry, combined with a new vision of jewelry, contemporary and sophisticated, in perpetual evolution.

A classical art that derives from her Roman origins:

Rome for me is home. I love walking through the streets of the center. I always mange to discover something new, a little cranny that I have never even noticed before or some hidden detail. Everything is a source of inspiration for me. Everything is art and magic because Rome is magic”.

This same magic is what brings form to life in her creations for Farnese Gioielli. The colours light up and her ideas become reality thanks to her total creative liberty. These initial inspirations are then condensed in the stylistic evolution of Barbara Polli, her irrepressible passion for the refinement of detail, for the uniqueness of the crafting and for the quality of the fabrication are nearly obsessive in all the collections.

Within the collections of Farnese Gioielli, there are also the personal experiences of Barbara, her passion for the deep blue sea, where she retreats in search of inspiration along with her long-lived enthusiasm for the grandeur of Italian Art from the majesty of classical art to the linearity and fluidity of the contemporary one.

However, above all in these collections there is her ‘personality’ made up of contradictions: strong and composed as well as sensitive and creative. Barbara loves playing with these contradictions even in her creations in fact there’s a knowledgable mixture of rigour and design, together with the use of a palette of strong and decisive colours, which enable them to satisfy the moods and needs that are all important parts of the female world.
A design and stylistic alchemy, entirely handmade and Made in Italy that gives the Farnese Gioielli creations a natural elegance and a clear identity and recognition.

A rigorous process that celebrates the material, the form and the technique in their maximum expression.