Farnese Gioielli presents “High Jewelery Innovation”


On the October 23rd, 2019 at the Verdi Hall of the Grand Hotel et De Milan, Farnese Gioielli presented the Mondo Collection, the High Jewelry Collection dedicated to the female inner universe. Inspired by two opposing concepts, mutability and solidity, which well represent the woman, the Mondo Collection is available in the versions rings and earrings Luxor, Pantheon and Versailles, versions that vary in complexity of workmanship and number of diamonds inserted, in yellow gold and gold White. Also on display is the exclusive Limited Edition, 500 special and numbered pieces, available from number 11 to 499 created by the designer for a woman who wants to feel “Unique” and the Share Your Smile Collection – silver rings, bracelets, earrings with interchangeable smiley faces in fine Italian leathers, which change the appearance of the jewel based on the taste and outfit to be combined and dedicated to the Operation Smile Italia Onlus Foundation.